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house in Selva

Selva, Villa with breathtaking panoramic sea views in Selva

847 m²

1.100 m²


€ 2,500,000.-

house in Selva with Holiday license

Selva, Jewel of a finca with gardens for nature-lovers near Selva

470 m²

16.481 m²


€ 1,950,000.-

house in Selva with Holiday license

Selva, Finca with a view, holiday rental license and approved renovation project in Selva

308 m²

44.000 m²


€ 1,600,000.-

house in Selva with Holiday license

Selva, Fantastic country-house with pool, garage, guest house and touristic rental license in Selva

280 m²

2.660 m²


€ 1,500,000.-

house in Selva with Holiday license

Selva, Wonderful villa with touristic rental licence in a prominent location near Selva

270 m²

2.300 m²


€ 1,490,000.-

house in Selva with Holiday license

Selva, Finca with panoramic views, pool, and holiday rental license in Selva

750 m²

22.800 m²


€ 1,250,000.-

house in Selva with Holiday license

Selva, Wonderfully-situated finca with holiday rental licence in Selva

243 m²

4.393 m²


€ 1,180,000.-


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Information about Selva and surrounding area from Porta Mondial:

Selva Tramuntana

View on Selva at the foot of the Tramuntana

Selva is located at the foot of the Tramuntana municipality with 4000 inhabitants, which includes the towns Biniamar, Caimari and Moscari. The area is known for the wide-scale planting of olive and almond trees.

A small village with a long history

Even from afar you can see the mighty parish church of Sant Llorenç, which is visible from a distance and stretches from the hills into the sky. Their massive arcade arches date back to the 14th century. Thus, the church is one of the oldest in Mallorca. Inside there are pictures of the Mallorcan master Antoni de Veri i Salas and a copy of the "Holy Family".

Church of Sant Llorenç in Selva<

Church of Sant Llorenç in Selva

The dimensions of the parish church testify to the importance that the village had in the Middle Ages. In 1301 Selva had already received town and market rights. It was the adjoining forest areas and thus the timber industry, that brought the village to early prosperity. The place name Selva is, moreover, from the Latin "Silva", which means "forest".

A surprisingly good infrastructure

In the village itself may host just over 1,500 people, but as the seat of the local government, Selva boasts a kindergarten, a school and even a small library. Naturally, shopping here is limited, but just 5 kilometres away in the small town Inca you find everything you need to live. If you want to buy shoes, you should look first at the local shoe factory Kollflex. The traditional company was founded in 1927 and is located on the outskirts of Selva.



The land flowing with olive oil, almond milk and "hierbas"

Selva is surrounded by thousands of almond and olive trees. At the time of the almond bloom (mid-January to early / mid-February), a visit to the community is well worth it. Cyclists rave about the numerous dirt roads, arranged across the area like a criss-crossed spider web. The rarely traveled asphalt paths are perfect for cycling.

Cyclists tour in Selva

Cyclists tour in Selva

The closer you get to the Tramuntana, the more often you will come across olive trees, which usually grow on the terraced slopes of the mountain. In neighbouring Caimari, a high quality olive oil is produced, which is known beyond the country's borders. On the third weekend of November, the large olive fair takes place, attracting thousands of visitors. In June Selva beckons with the "Fira de ses Herbes", a unique exhibition of Mallorcan herbs. Due to the proximity of the forest, herbs have always played a major role in the everyday life of the locals. At the fair you can find typical herbs such as lemon balm (hierba buena), experience the Balearic St. John's wort or rosemary. And those who prefer liquid medicinal herbs, can feast on the Mallorcan herbal "Tunel".

Life as the Majorcan

Selva draws only a few houses despite its picturesque location and its historic stone houses. Only on Wednesdays you see the contemplative "Plaza Mayor" filled for the weekly market where the region's farmers sell their fresh goods. Those who have experienced the charm of the peaceful village and the scenic beauty surrounding it, find it difficult to leave Selva. In the countryside of Selva there are many lovingly restored mansions and luxurious modern properties, where you can find the ideal location to live the dream of rural Mallorca.