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Die Bucht von Andratx im Südwesten Mallorcas

The origin of the village name Andratx has puzzled many for a long time - until today it has still not been resolved. The only certainty is that the town in the southwest of the island has nothing to do with the anthrax. The 6,000 residents of the community emit a feel-good virus that infects all newcomers quickly. Perhaps this is the Mallorcan flair that blows through the narrow cobbled streets or the relaxed everyday pace of Andritxols. In any case, the residents here appreciate the ideal location between the mountains and sea.

The resort is situated on a hill at the foot of the western Tramuntana, and is located about three kilometres from Port d' Andratx. On the highway Andratx is very well connected, the island's capital Palma is reachable in just 25 minutes. No wonder that so many residents have settled here. Nearly 30 percent of the inhabitants of Andratx are immigrants, the Germans at 11.9 percent representing the largest share.

Top real estate with rural tranquility

Those who want rural tranquility and can afford it, dwell in the top real estate distributed in the surrounding areas. Otherwise, the lively village centre with its mostly two-story homes has its appeal. Around the Gothic, 1236 fortified church of Santa Maria there are many bars where the locals can be found. Also worth seeing is the former castle of Son Mas, which now serves as the town hall.

Bays of Andratx

Bays of Andratx

Another eye-catcher, which the community would rather hide is the still visible traces of a large fire. The wooded hills that cover the back of Andratx, were badly affected in the summer of 2013. For 18 days the fire raged, destroying a total of 2335 hectares of forest. The fire-fighting planes circled the town, to protect it from the flames. Through deployment of significant nature conservation authorities the worst of the fire was prevented. People and houses did not come to harm - and the nature is already showing signs of recovery.

From Puerto Andratx to the ruined monastery of Sant Elm Sa Trapa

Especially dwarf palms have survived the fire and there are shoots of new trees growing. A walk through the old forest fire area is therefore not without its charm. The long-distance trail GR221 begins in nearby Port d'Andratx and leads in its first stage over to the ruined monastery of Sant Elm Sa Trapa. The Trappist monastery was founded in 1810 by monks from Normandy. 8 priests and 32 lay brothers found their refuge in this secluded part of Mallorca. They created a fountain, terraces and managed the barren ground. The monks lived not only in poverty but also with a vow of silence. They communicated with hand signals alone. Only in the case of extreme urgency, were they allowed to speak to the abbot. A monk who asked for donations for his Order in the surrounding areas was allowed to speak. For this he had to live separate from his fellow brothers in a cell that can still be seen today.

St.Elm - La Trapa - view to Dragonera

St. Elm - La Trapa with view to Dragonera

The Trappists did not stay long in Mallorca. Some of them had already left the island in 1813, and in 1820 the monastery was finally dissolved. The approximately 81-acre site was acquired in 1980 by the Mallorcan conservation organisation GOB. In collaboration with the Council the former monastery buildings were transformed into a hostel. The ruins of Sa Trapa are already a rewarding hiking destination. From a circular terrace you can enjoy beautiful views of the sea and the island of Sa Dragonera.

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