Alongside ongoing, targeted web marketing and search engine optimisation, Porta Mondial offers its franchise partners a wide range of tried-and-trusted advertising methods for use in the various target regions. These cover the entire spectrum of advertising from A to Z.

Marketing Porta Mondial AG

Advertising in the target market

For the inauguration of each franchise estate agency, the Porta Mondial marketing experts draw up a region-specific advertising strategy and successfully implement it with tested methods.

Umbrella brand advertising

In addition to the region-specific advertising activities of the individual franchise partners, Porta Mondial also takes measures centrally to ensure that brand awareness is constantly raised.

Taken with the standard CI, these concerted marketing measures in online and print media give the brand its unmistakable profile.

Our package of services

Our package of services is the result of over 20 years’ experience in the real estate sector. It contains everything you need to set-up a successful estate agency: