Beautiful properties and beaches on Fuerteventura

Fuertaventura is one of the seven islands of the Canary Island group and is considered to be a true ‘dream island’.

Located in the east of Africa it is considered to be one of the most popular holiday destinations that offers everything your heart desires. Fuerteventura is about 21 million years old and over time, some impressive landscapes have formed, as shown by the numerous active volcanoes. But there is no need to worry, because not one volcano has erupted on the island for decades. The weather also convinces immediately. The average temperature in winter is 21 degrees, and in the summer months, the thermostat does not climb over 30 degrees. Rain showers are very rare, which can be seen by the impressive desert landscape. The crystal clear water has a pleasant temperature of between 19 and 22 degrees. Most of the island’s beaches offer calm waters – ideal for families with children and various water activities.

Because of its beautiful beaches, the Canary Island Fuerteventura is one of the most popular tourist destinations.

Life on the island

Many people only think of Fuerteventura as a holiday destination, but it is definitely more than this. From the very first visit on you will notice that the infrastructure is designed for a comfortable life. Scattered all over the island, there are numerous properties that are just waiting for its new owner. Often these properties offer prime locations with beaches and shopping amenities located only a stone´s throw away. Therefore, it is not always necessary to own a car on the island. The popularity of Fuerteventura is increasing, which is not surprising, due to the mild temperatures, the friendly people and the unique nature that will captivate you immediately. We would be delighted to help you find your perfect home or vacation property on Fuerteventura. Below please find a brief overview of the most beautiful beaches that this island has to offer, in order to help you getting a little closer to your dream of owning your own property:

1st place: Playa de la Barca

One of the most beautiful beaches of the island is the beach Playa de la Barca, which is located in the southeast of the island. Impressive is the spectacle, when the beach floods at high tide and the area then seems like a beautiful lagoon, which happens every two weeks. Until then, protected swimming is not a problem because the water is mostly low and perfect for families with children. But the beach Playa de la Barca has much more to offer. Especially for wind and kite surfers it offers ideal conditions, because the wind is much stronger on this stretch of beach than on the surroundings. Moreover, this dream beach is well equipped. Only a few meters away you will find showers, toilets, lifeguard points and beach furniture. A highlight, however, is one of the best-known water sports schools on the island offering numerous courses and the according equipment. Around the beach Playa de la Barca there is a lot to discover. Numerous restaurants as well as small bars have settled here, perfect for an enjoyable dinner or relaxing drink in the late evening hours.

2nd place: Risco del Paso

Risco del Paso is known as one of the most beautiful beach landscapes within Europe. It is located in the south of the island, just 20 minutes from Costa Calma. Not only the beautiful blue tones of the water invite you to swim, but also the typical yellow-beige sand landscape is perfect for those seeking relaxation. In the background you can see the sandy mountains of El Paso, where the beach has its name from. One spectacle of Risco del Paso takes place at high tide, when the water floods the beach and a sea-water lake can be seen with a small sandbank in it that can no longer be reached by land. At low tide, the lagoon disappears and the very large sandy area, which covers kilometers appears again and offers ideal conditions for a long walk along the beach. The low water level is optimal when traveling with children. Besides Risco del Paso offers many sports facilities especially for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Every year, even large competitions take place, which are also worth seeing and exciting for non-surfers. Far away from this beach there are large green areas with bushes and shrubs. And also one or the other restaurant can be found here.

The beach Risco del Paso in the south of Fuerteventura offers not only a white sandy beach, as far as the eye can see, but also a breathtaking dune landscape and optimal conditions for windsurfers.

3rd place: Cofete

The beach Cofete is often referred to as the king among the beaches. In the south of the island extends this 11-kilometer-long sandy beach, which meanders through an enchanting backdrop. After all, the beach is located in the National Park of the same name, which is located on the peninsula Jandia. Although it is not so easy to reach this beach, the journey is worth it and the beautiful landscape of Fuerteventura will soon take you to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The fine sandy beach impresses with its naturalness and especially people who are looking for peace will find their perfect spot here. But there is also a small drawback, as this beach is not suitable for swimming. The reason is that the current there is quite strong and therefore, it is advisable to stay on the beach side. Furthermore, the infrastructure of this beach is not very well developed. There are no restaurants or other facilities. However, you will find yourself in the pristine nature of Fuerteventura.

The solitary beach of Cofete, western cast of Fuerteventura

4th place: Playa del Matorral

In the south of paradise island you will find the beach Playa del Matorral. It is known as the big city beach of Morro Jable, which is why there is a lot to discover even off the beach side. On the main street, Avenida del Saladar, there is one restaurant next to the other which is ideal for relaxing after a long day of swimming. The beach Playa del Matorral is divided into two areas, which are separated by a lighthouse. In the northern part there is the nudist area providing enough sun loungers and umbrellas. Following the Playa del Matorral you will get to the salt marshes of Humedal Saladar de Jandia. Numerous birds nest there in a breathtaking plant world. But there is also a lot to discover on the other side of the lighthouse. For example a German surf and sailing school providing equipment and courses for various water sports activities. The more south you go, the more people you will find due to the number of hotels on the beach Playa del Matorral. However, the wonderful, clear water invites for swimming.

5th place: Caleta del Marrajo

Ten minutes from El Cotillo the Caleta del Marrajo beach is located. It is a natural dream beach, offering a lot. Although you cannot expect the typical beach activities, you will find nature and serenity. The Caleta del Marrajo is characterized by rock formations of black lava. Thanks to the rocks, natural pools of water have formed over time. They are free of currents and waves, which makes them perfect for families with children. In addition, the beach is quite protected, which is why only a few tourists get there. Even in summer time, this paradise beach is only rarely visited. If you are looking for some rest and relaxation, then this beach is the right place to be because you can swim and relax almost undisturbed. Especially snorkeling becomes an unique experience, because of the crystal blue water. In terms of infrastructure, you have to make some compromises. The fishing village of El Cotillo is only a few minutes away but does not offer too many facilities. Therefore, it is advisable to bring a small picnic for this excursion.

The island offers not only beautiful beaches, but also real estate in excellent locations.

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